Targeting the right colleges based on goals and high school subject selection

Rishika Parakh understood the importance of finding the right fit, thanks to which (and a lot of hard work), she got acceptances from six US universities and is excited about enrolling at Santa Clara University in the fall of 2017!

From the beginning, Rishika was very clear about her goals – she wanted to apply for an undergraduate degree in business to US universities. Her challenge: high school math is a requirement if you want to pursue a business major at many US universities and Rishika did not select maths as one of her subjects in high school. While this was a big concern, Rishika, her family and The Red Pen undergraduate team decided to tackle this issue head on and worked through it by researching universities where math was not a requirement for application. We even helped her explore options in Canada and Australia.

We realised the importance of leveraging Rishika’s family background – she had many interesting stories and insights growing up as the youngest sibling in a large family, and her family’s business background was an inspiration to pursue business studies. We helped her explore her strengths and learnings, which became the foundation for her essays.

– Rishika Parakh, Santa Clara University

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