Choosing the college of best fit!

Anant was faced with a dilemma – he was admitted to Rice, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, Harvey Mudd and University of Pennsylvania and wasn’t sure about which college to choose as they were all great options. He had finalized his list after much research and visiting many of the campuses.

A competitive applicant, Anant would have been an ‘academic fit’ at all the institutions where he applied. He had a stellar academic record and perfect test scores. He was also active outside the classroom – Anant established a mentorship program for underprivileged children called Each One Teach One, completed a six-month internship at Godrej, was part of a rock band, did magic tricks for fun and participated in many robotics competitions. The Red Pen helped Anant distill his experiences into compelling stories for his applications.

Anant was interested in studying STEM and really wanted a college that would give him hands on experience; we reviewed his college acceptances together and came to the decision that Harvey Mudd would provide the best fit.

During his freshman year, Anant worked on a challenging engineering project with a group of four students, to modify a wheelchair for a patient with Parkinson’s disease who was confined to the wheelchair, but still wanted some way of exercising his legs. Over the summer break, Anant also had the opportunity to complete a six-week internship at Arya, a software company, specializing in artificial intelligence. Currently a sophomore, Anant loves studying at Harvey Mudd and is deciding whether he wants to major in computer science or engineering.

– Anant Kandoi, Harvey Mudd

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