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Barnard College

Barnard College

I went to several college counselors before deciding which one to commit to – and ended up choosing The Red Pen because of their unique approach to the application process. They focused on all the basic elements and beyond – rather than just the resume and the essays. They made me aware of the hidden components, which really make or break the application.

My essays were edited with great attention to detail, and with each new draft came a clearer picture of my persona. I learnt that it’s important to be specific about your personality, interests and achievements in each area of the application – because your app only gets a few minutes before the AdCom makes its decision. You have to make sure you don’t miss out anything – and The Red Pen team really took care of that.

They encouraged me at every step, and supported every decision I made – which really helped. The college process is daunting anyway – a little belief in your decisions relieves you of some of the burden! The fact that they let me make all the decisions and do most of the work gave me a sense of responsibility and helped me discover what I truly wanted out of the coming four years. Namita, Kim and Ashmi are from different backgrounds in terms of where they studied and what they studied – just like the admissions officers. Their varied perspectives and suggestions on each essay really helped carve a unique, highly specific and well thought-out application for me. I was excited about sending my applications out because I knew there was no leaf they had left unturned.

I would highly recommend The Red Pen to people applying abroad for undergraduate studies whether you know everything about the process or not – because they’ll definitely open your eyes to something you aren’t aware of which will make your application more complete, more special and more YOU.

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