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Press Releases


TBSC Venezuela

The Red Pen will provide remote university
counselling services for students at TBSC in Venezuela

D Y Patil School

DY Patil International School selects
The Red Pen as in-house guidance Counsellors

Admissions Related


Print Media

Mumbai Mirror

Read this article where Kavita Mehta breaks down the factors that students must take into account when approaching the college shortlisting process.

Mumbai Mirror

Anxiety is high as students across India prepare for board examinations, an important milestone in their higher education journey. Dr. Kimberly Dixit offers students some last minute advice on staying focused and positive.

The times of India

Read Kavita Mehta’s handy primer on what to expect if you want to study in the US; featured in The Times Study Abroad 2017-18 magazine.


ASB and The Red Pen hosted an hour-long panel discussing the importance of women and STEM education at the MHC Shakti Conference, 2017.


The process of applying to study abroad can be daunting. Students share how The Red Pen helped them find their best-fit college.

Mumbai Mirror

Namita Mehta’s perspective on issues that parents face when applying to high schools that offer the IBDP program.

Wall Street Journal

Kavita Mehta addresses parental concerns revolving around gun safety and the political climate related to studying in the US.

ET Panache

The Red Pen helps students, like Arya Goel, find institutions that fit their unique needs.

The times of India

Dr. Kimberly Dixit and Kavita Mehta highlight some last minute mistakes applicants tend to make when submitting college applications.

The Huffington Post

The Red Pen student, Ayush Sharma, describes his journey to receiving a full scholarship to MIT.

Hindustan Times

Ayush Sharma, a small-town boy accepted to MIT with a full scholarship, explains the importance of pushing yourself outside your comfort zones.

Education Times

Dr. Kimberly Dixit and Kavita Mehta explain the different US application deadlines to help students optimise their options and reduce stress.

Audio Clips

94.3 Radio One segments

Learn how Kim and Kavita teamed up to form The Red Pen.

Kim explains The Red Pen’s approach to the essay.

Kim explains why rankings are useful but not the only tool when evaluating colleges.

Kim talks about how we came up with the name "The Red Pen".

Is a second, global MBA worth it?

Book Launch


Print Media

The Voice of Malabar Hills

write up on the book in the Malabar Hills community newspaper

The times of India

Studying at your dream college is just a book away!


The Indian Student’s
Comprehensive Guide to US
College Admissions.


A book to help you address your
confusion and questions about
studying abroad.


The face, and the book.

Audio Clips

94.3 Radio One segments

Listen to Kim & Kavita talk about what inspired them to write the book.

The book can help students navigate the complex US undergraduate admissions process.

Acing Admissions is a useful guide, no matter where you are in the process.

Students need to think beyond academics & focus on non-quantifiable factors.

The book helps answer questions like - Do rankings matter? What kind of activities should my child take up? Can I get financial aid?